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Spinning Fiber

My wool the majority of the wool in my products come from my own flock. Since my ranch is small, recently I have also purchase individual fleeces that I have handpicked from another sheep producer in our Valley.

I take great pride in my very selective breeding program, paying especially close attention to the hand of my wool. This is one of the reasons my blends are so different from other producers, they literally start from the hoof up. My wool is 100% Montana grown from sheep I personally know and that are raised with the handspinner in mind.

I provide handspinning wool in two forms Batts and Roving.


All of my roving is handwashed and hand dyed by me, and mixed with a wide variety of exotic fibers. All roving is packaged in 4 oz. bags.
Crosspatch Rainbow Roving
Crosspatch Triple Play
Crosspatch Nubby Swirl

Rainbow Roving are solid color wool with other exotic fibers mixed in.

Triple Play Roving has three colors running side by side to create a variegated yarn

Nubby Swirl (NEW in 2010!) has four colors or more with lots of silk noil to create a colorful highly textured yarn.

Gradations (Coming Soon) five tones of the same color running side by side for a very subtle variegated yarn.

Custom Made, Signature Batts

Signature Batt

All of my blends are hand dyed and fiber blended here at our ranch. My batts are custom carded by me. Because the batts are hand fed and blended, we are confident that there is nothing else on the market like them. All are variegated, include exotic fibers with the wool and many are textured. Some have as many as 30 colors in one blend. All will produce a lovely designer yarn. All batts are packaged in 4 oz. bags.

Our batts include:

Signature Blends these are lovely blends that create a suttle variegation and remind one of water colors, since the colors will slightly blend together while spinning them.

Stone Soup Batts This is my way of using up ends of runs. The can vary widely from batt to batt and are not repeatable.

Please check with our retail outlets for information on available colors.

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