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a spring lamb


I pride myself on my excellent breeding program. Each year, I endeavor to improve the quality of the animals I am producing in both size and confirmation, and of course my greatest criteria is wool quality.

I am also experimenting with color, markings and now I am working on spotted sheep without using primative breeds. I raise Romney, Merino, Romeldale and Corriedale sheep and crescross these breeds to produce a soft, long stapled, consistant crimp on a beautiful body.

I have a close flock and very rarely introduce new bloodlines. This means I have to keep lots and lots of rams over 20 to be exact! When I do introduce new bloodlines, I search for the very best stock I can find.

My flock numbers stay around 100 adult animals. Most of my flock are crossbreds that produce soft, naturally colored sheep, medium length wool with 3 to 7 inch staple length and consistent crimp structure.

My flock has many colors including: silver, blue or brown gray, black, moorit and nice clean, bright whites.

I have been working years now to produce a truly non-primitive, potted sheep with quality soft handspinning wool. I currently have several spotted lines in my rams and now consistently produce about 10% spotted lambs each lambing season.

I sell lambs for breeding stock and prices start at $100.00. Lambs are available in midsummer after weaning. There is a price brake on multiple animals purchased at the same time.

Please call or contact me during lambing season February to March - and let me know what you are looking for in color and gender.

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